Agriculture & Medical Science Library is located on Zijigang Campus merged by the former Zhejiang Agricultural University and the former Zhejiang Medical University. It was founded in 1912 as the Zhejiang Medical College Library, one of the earliest medical college libraries in China. In year 2010, the Agriculture Library moved to Zijingang Campus, the two libraries merged into Agriculture & Medical Science Library.

The present building covers total area of ​​11,494 square meters including 622 square meters lecture hall and 417 square meters fast food restaurants. Currently the library provides reference books and special collections, compact stack, Chinese and foreign books reading room, Chinese and foreign periodicals reading room, 24 student studying rooms, 5 teacher research rooms and 5 discussions rooms, one interlayer stack, etc., includes 682 reading seats available.

The library collections mainly focus on agriculture, life sciences, environment, medicine and pharmacy, with total 392,000 volumes of literature (3240 bound volume books and 82 kinds of 649 rare books). Li Moxi Foreign Medical Library is located in the library, the alumni Mr. Li Moxi donated 280 kinds of 603 foreign books to us.