Library collects about 160,000 copies of thread-bound books, ranging from Song dynasty to Republic of China, 1,700 species of rare books, including 1 Song edition, 5 Yuan editions, more than 700 Ming editions, hundreds of kinds of celebrity manuscripts and inscriptions such as Sun Yirang, He Zhuo, Gu Sili, He Shaoji.

¡¶Bank of Publications, Zhejiang University¡·has collected more than 10 000 volumes of Academic publications and manuscripts by the University faulty members and alumni. And most of them have been digitized.

Large Series books collects more than 40,000 volume large series books, mainly are newly printed ancient books in literature, history, philosophy. Research achievement by the descendants is provided as well. Library provides read, copy, search and consulting services.

Republic of China Literature collects over 40,000 books, 4,200 periodicals, and 900 bounded volume newspapers published in Republic of China, 10895 newly printed Republic of China books. Library provides read, copy, search and consulting services.