China Academic Digital Associative Library, CADAL, formerly known as China-America Digital Academic Library, CADAL. In the document issued by National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Education in September 2002, the project China-America Digital Academic Library is included in the tenth five-year plan period, as an important part of public service system of 211 project. CADAL and "China Academic Library and Information System (CALIS)" together build the framework of China Academic Digital Library.

The overall objective of CADAL project is to build academic digital libraries with advance technology, with massive multi-disciplinary, multi-type, multi-lingual digital resources. Domestic and foreign libraries, academic institutions and academic professionals have extensively involved into the construction work. This is one of the national innovation systems and information infrastructures.

Being the "211" key project under Ministry of Education, the project is funded by state, conducted by Zhejiang University with worldwide universities and research institutions. CADAL digital library project, provides one-stop personalized knowledge service, digitally integrates science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, humanities, social sciences, art and other disciplines with media resources, including paintings, construction, carving, drama, arts and crafts, provides learning, teaching and research support for academic institutions and universities via internet. It shares Chinese academic resources with the people all over world, promotes Chinese civilization and history. It has great practical significance, research value and bright future.